And the Winner is…….

Late last week we asked you to vote on where you wanted the next MancSEO meet up to be.

Well the votes are in and the count has been tallied and verified (although without a capatcha tsk). The winning venue this month is the Lass O’Gowrie.

Although it is a bit late to organise a room (though will try my best to get one depending on numbers), if the venue is deemed suitable enough we may look to hire it out for next months meet-up!

To get an idea of attendees can you all leave a comment below to say if you are coming as depending on numbers we may have to find somewhere that’s a little bigger due to the stature of the Lass.

**Just been informed that the Liverpool game is also on this Thursday, if this is going to cause a clash with a lot of people we can move the meet-up to a new date.**

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